3rd Quarter 2018 Message

October 1, 2018 Dear Members: The U.S. economy continues to boom; the unemployment rate currently stands at 3.9 percent, near a 50-year low, and core inflation is right around 2 percent. These two numbers are part of a very good economy that boasts a remarkably positive outlook from financial forecasters. In order to keep inflation [...]

2nd Quarter 2018 Message

July 1, 2018 Dear Members: As we’ve been hearing in the news lately, the U.S. economy is booming: Unemployment is at the lowest level of the century, job creation continues, small business optimism is at record levels, and wages are rising. But along with the economic successes comes the need to mitigate the negative effect [...]

1st Quarter 2018 Message

April 1, 2018 Dear Members: With the close of 2017, a year which will go down in history as a highly unusual sustained bull market, a wide range of economists and research firms all predict that trend to continue in 2018. In fact, through the 1st quarter of 2018, corporate earnings continue to be strong, [...]

4th Quarter 2017 Message

January 2, 2018

Dear Member,

On behalf of the Utilities Credit Union staff and Board of Directors, I hope your Christmas was joyful and your New Year is filled with happiness and prosperity.

2017 was a successful year for your UCU, and you.  Through November, the credit union membership stands at 997 members of which [...]

3rd Quarter 2017 Message

October 1, 2017 Dear Member,

At the September 13th monthly Board meeting, Directors voted to pay quarterly dividends for the 3rd quarter at the prospective rate established the previous quarter, reflecting the increases that are being seen in the rising financial market rates.  Additionally, the Board set the prospective rate for the 4th quarter slightly [...]

2nd Quarter 2017 Message

July 1, 2017


Dear Member,


It has been over six years since I last communicated with you as Chairman of the Board of Directors. During that time, my predecessor, Scott Seaholm has manned the helm of the Credit Union and has done an exemplary job.  Due to his planned retirement later this year, [...]

1st Quarter 2017 Message

April 3, 2017


Dear Member:


Another year has gone by and another Annual Meeting is history. Your Utilities Credit Union held the 84th version of the meeting that was first held in 1933.  Approximately 35 members joined us at Sky Park on Thursday, February 23rd.  Last year, 2016, was another year of moderately [...]

4th Quarter 2016 Message

With this letter we send out a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the staff and Board of Directors of your Utilities Credit Union.  Another year is in the books and the start of a new one before us.  Tell your co-workers about the great advantages of belonging to the Credit Union.  A [...]

3rd Quarter 2016 Message

Chairman’s Letter 3rd Quarter 2016

Just like the Jefferson’s, your Utilities Credit Union has moved on up to the East side, the East side of Sky Park that is.  We are just inside door number 14A which is the most southerly southeast corner of the building.  Stop in and visit our new home soon.  The [...]

2nd Quarter 2016 Message

In the 2nd quarter of this year your Utilities Credit Union had our normal 18 month exam from the Department of Financial Institutions.  The Board of Directors met with the staff and examiners to listen to the findings of the examination.  They heard about what is going very well for the Credit Union and made [...]