4th Quarter 2016 Message

With this letter we send out a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the staff and Board of Directors of your Utilities Credit Union.  Another year is in the books and the start of a new one before us.  Tell your co-workers about the great advantages of belonging to the Credit Union.  A [...]

3rd Quarter 2016 Message

Chairman’s Letter 3rd Quarter 2016

Just like the Jefferson’s, your Utilities Credit Union has moved on up to the East side, the East side of Sky Park that is.  We are just inside door number 14A which is the most southerly southeast corner of the building.  Stop in and visit our new home soon.  The [...]

2nd Quarter 2016 Message

In the 2nd quarter of this year your Utilities Credit Union had our normal 18 month exam from the Department of Financial Institutions.  The Board of Directors met with the staff and examiners to listen to the findings of the examination.  They heard about what is going very well for the Credit Union and made [...]

1st Quarter 2016 Message

Chairman’s Letter 1st Quarter 2016

In the 1st Quarter of 2016, your Utilities Credit Union held its 83rd Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 25th at Sky Park in Bays 1 & 2 with 35 people attending.  During the meeting we recapped 2015, a year characterized by relatively moderate lending activities and flat rates.  One of [...]

4th Quarter 2015 Message

Dear Member: January 1, 2016

From the Staff and Board of Directors of your Utilities Credit Union, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2016.

The Federal Reserve has finally raised the “Fed Fund Rate”, something that has not happened since December [...]

3rd Quarter 2015 Message

October 1, 2015 Dear Member:

We hope your summer has been full of recreational activities and relaxation.  As always summers in Wisconsin are much too short and here we are in the beginning of the “color season” already.

For members with a UCU Visa credit card, credit cards with new chip technology will be mailed [...]

2nd Quarter 2015 Message

July 1, 2015 Dear Member:

This past quarter Board member Christie Black (Boatman) resigned her position siting family priorities.  We all understand her reasoning and want to wish her well and thank her for her service to the Credit Union.  To replace that position, we asked Becky McIlhargey from our Call Center to serve; she [...]

1st Quarter 2015 Message

April 1, 2015 Dear Member:

The 82nd Annual Meeting of your Utilities Credit Union was held on Thursday, February 26 at Xcel Energy’s Sky Park location.  Members in attendance were welcomed; we were glad to see a number of retirees.  Our staff, directors, examining committee and credit committee members were introduced and thanked for their [...]

4th Quarter 2014 Message

January 1, 2015 Dear Member:

We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas season with family and friends and we would like to wish all of you a Healthy and Prosperous NEW YEAR!

As I mentioned in my last quarterly letter, we were going to be losing one of our long time employees, Laurie Lindsay.  That [...]

3rd Quarter 2014 Message

We found out recently that we will be losing one of our long time employees, Laurie Lindsay.  Laurie’s husband has accepted a new position in Fort Meyers, Florida.  We asked Laurie if she was willing to commute until we find a replacement, but she said the tolls would be a killer. Laurie came to us [...]