1st Quarter 2016 Message

Chairman’s Letter
1st Quarter 2016

In the 1st Quarter of 2016, your Utilities Credit Union held its 83rd Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 25th at Sky Park in Bays 1 & 2 with 35 people attending.  During the meeting we recapped 2015, a year characterized by relatively moderate lending activities and flat rates.  One of the highlights of the year, the Federal Reserve did increase the Discount Rate by 0.25% in December of 2015, the first such increase since 2008.  President/Treasurer, Dave Amans led the group through all the financials, including very little loan write-off this year.  Overall it was a solid year.

Three of your current Directors were running for re-election; Dave Amans, Becky McIlhargey and Scott Seaholm.  All 3 were elected by unanimous voice vote. We acknowledged Al Gruba, a recent Xcel retiree who served as the Chairman of our Examination Committee.  Thanks Al for all you have done for the Utilities Credit Union over your many years of service!  We also recognized the remaining members of the Examination Committee and the members of our Credit Committee, both of which we rely on to help keep your money safe.  Members enjoyed some Papa John pizza, a relish and vegetable tray and dessert while we drew for door prizes.  Everyone present went home with cash or a nice gift.  It was a nice night of information, business and social time.  Thank you to all of you who were able to join us.

We welcome our newest staff member Janet Kowalewski.  Janet is also a recent Xcel retiree, and will be sharing duties with Carol Lueke.  Be sure to greet her when you stop in or call the credit union.

Your Board of Directors spent the morning on a recent Saturday talking about how to better understand the workings of your credit union and how to bring new products or services to you.  Please remember to thank them the next time you see them for their “overtime” commitment to the Credit Union.

Reminder, your credit union office will be moving sometime in the near future to a space in the east side of the Sky Park facility.  Once we have more information we will let you know how best to reach us.  To check rates, as always, visit our website at myucu.org or call us at 715-737-2467.  You can also email us at myucu@att.net with questions or better yet, stop in today.

Scott J. Seaholm
Chairman-Board of Directors
Utilities Credit Union

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