3rd Quarter 2016 Message

Chairman’s Letter
3rd Quarter 2016

Just like the Jefferson’s, your Utilities Credit Union has moved on up to the East side, the East side of Sky Park that is.  We are just inside door number 14A which is the most southerly southeast corner of the building.  Stop in and visit our new home soon.  The office open hour is still 12:00pm to 1:00pm each weekday, but you can reach us anytime by email at myucu@att.net or by phone usually between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm.  And as always, you can go to our web site at: myucu.org and check rates on savings and loans.

Just recently the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee decided to leave interest rates unchanged for now.  While this does not bode well for rising savings rates in the short term, it does leave lending rates at or near historical lows.  With installment lending rates as low as 2.00% (24 months), stop in and see us today.  We’ll get you pre-approved, so when you are out car shopping you can shop with confidence, knowing what your payments will be.  And if you have recently purchased a car, ask if we can refinance it at a lower rate and you can still get the rebate.  All indications are that interest rates will likely be going up by the end of the year, so don’t miss out on your camper, boat, ATV or any other bigger ticket item you may be considering.

Hope you had a chance to stop by our information table at the Knowledge Fair.  Those who were able to participate in our financial word search received a UCU Savings Pig (some people call it the Piggy Vault).  Remember to set up an automatic deposit from your paycheck for each pay day and watch your savings grow.  Let your co-workers know that to join the Credit Union, all you need is to be employed by the Company or to be a family member of an Xcel Employee or retiree and deposit $5.00 to open an account.  It is the best deal you will find and as one member recently said: “out of sight out of mind, you will not believe how quick your savings pile up.”

Thank you to all for your support of the Utilities Credit Union.  You are the owners, so if you ever have a question, comment or suggestion, please feel free to send an email and we will take it under serious advisement.

Scott J. Seaholm

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